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tv   Transportation Authority Full Board 71116  SFGTV  July 12, 2016 10:00pm-12:01am PDT

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create a large amount of second class citizens that cannot afford to take the transportation that others might be able to. thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi. my name is lavette arnold known as mr. v good i was born and raised in san francisco. once again, this is straight presumably a. why, why do not care? why do you not care? >> ma'am, please address your remarks to the entire board of supervisors >> okay. first of all, it said we voted for a person that doesn't care. you know, doesn't care good i been living here my whole life. i could be her mother and grandmother were great grandma. i just turned 56. i want to live in san francisco. i want to be in you get when you know you got somebody that's one of you guys that won't wants me out of san
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francisco because i might have protested against certain people might've said the wrong thing to come i need help good there's a lot of people that need help in bayview. we are not getting it. when we cry out for help to our district 10 and we don't get it, that's a shame. you know, i've been to the point where i had a little stroke. i get sick very easily. i'm trying to fight to live here. i'm fighting to stay here. my rent is:-unquote 788. you know, i know i'm not saying nobody-god forgive me all i want to say is i would like help not just for me. i'm not out there protesting just for me. i'm protesting for others, too. i just want to say that, you know, i would love like i said my whole family died here
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and this is where i would like to die in the city. this is my home, you guys. it don't mean nothing to you. i know it doesn't but it is. this is my home and i want to be here until i do die. that's all i have to say. >> thank you, ma'am. next speaker, please. >> my name is-the mother of [inaudible] murdered january 9 2005 quadruple homicide the young man working at the benihana's japanese restaurant trying to cash his check it he was a college student at san francisco city college and also the star project. fortune 500 club. he was college class was paid for basically the rest of his life. but the reason i'm here today and also the case is unsolved. i'm here today to talk about what i've experienced being in this group of mothers, very devastating but the reality i am seeing is unfortunate. you know we talk
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all day about being liberal and doing what we want when we want and how we want, we have the spirit j accountable for actions and words and deeds. if you have an organization that set up for healing for the mother some talk about the ceiling square was issuing organizations, the various organizations that up their mothers go for healing, and the founders of these organizations are sleeping with the mothers. causing the mothers to be separated and divided, which causes a negative element that heard about these organizations before good one particular one before my son was murdered but now since i'm involved your organizations that leaders are sleeping with the women, the mothers and then calls them a division and some of these women end up being spokespersons for their children and they end up going in different directions and being leaders of the mothers can come together. then, they bring me in and i don't know what's going on and then words
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are being reported on the phone and being recorded and taped because these women are warned because they're sleeping with the founder of these organizations. i'm not speaking out according to the organization that's not the way i operate but i want to bring to you what were doing with as mothers. then, try to unify the mothers- >> thank you, ma'am. that concludes your time. thank you. ma'am, your time is concluded. next speaker, please. mdm. pres., the speakers time is concluded >> thank you very much. thank you. we can't let you continue but we hear you. thank you. thank you. next speaker, please.
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>> hello board president breed and forget i'm sorry to have to follow something much more personal than this but i guess this is about a different kind of violence that's been done to every person in all the nine counties, which is that of both local air pollution and climate destroying pollution by the five refineries in the east bay. i'm speaking in favor of resolution number 70 urging the board date. quality district to put numeric caps on pollution. the mission of that agencies protecting and improving public health equality and the global climate and san francisco's represented on the body by supervisors avalos mar as well as director rafael from the department of environment through the mayor. there's been
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a long-standing fight for years on refinery pollution regulations including greenhouse gases which basically [inaudible] by mental justice groups refinery works from usw local number five compatible health advocates environmental and climate advocacy groups and many citizens against chevron, shell, and phillips 66. these community groups have fought for years to ensure that criteria and toxic pollutants with klein in the future and 350 [inaudible] has ensured it will decline over time but online communities want commissions to be capped to prevent things from getting worse before they get better. refinery workers want that comment adjustment just as advocates wanted this is preventing an increase of affiliates are critical [inaudible] bench mark we set. if you know you're speeding the opposite direction of your destination is best to not at least a least not go farther in that direction faster. richmond
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has only pass similar and we would urge your support. thanks for a much >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> tom gilbert t. my younger sister donna born in the year of the goat, lamb, in the hour of the horse gets well with my tiger. both leverage and we enjoy each other's company. she likes being outside. she likes moving around. she's using a walker now. we only move slowly. a lot of times we meet downtown at the tunnel am a stockton and setter then we roll downhill. this saturday, 2:30 pm-ish we are crossing kearney on southern and all of a sudden we hear a word and
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breaks, emergency stopped vehicles and a car is running the kearney light. it stops about 4 feet in front of me and the car that had the light stopped inches from broadside in the car, which would've ricocheted into me. i would have not been here. i probably would have been a 24-hour assistant living full-time medical care. my sister may have been damaged, too. it was a uber driver. $3000 was supposedly is what i heard is not what they're putting on insurance? i was going to run down with $3 million would do for insurance. $5 million of
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what the fire company is paying is more like it for being damaged in this country. next, once upon a time, the pendant was mightier than the sword. right now, we are witnessing the camera is and mightier than the done. 50 years ago the black panthers were right ever seen it on television they were protecting their community from the police. this is major moment for us to change. thank you. >> thank you. adam president seeing no other speakers, i landed back over to you. >> all rights. mdm. clerk, can you please go to item number 74 first? >> item 74, >>[reading code] >> colleagues, i realize that
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there was a request made for us to continue this item, but public to ask that we not continue this item. i think it's important that we go into closed session to have a discussion. i know there's something being worked out, but i do think we need to have a detailed discussion about this particular item in close session. so, with that, we can go to the other items first, we should probably pass this item out before we go to the close session were mdm. clerk would you recommend we finish with the adoption without reference committee items >> i wouldn't matter president. >> okay. with that, we will skip over the close session and we will adopt before i move
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forward supervise peskin you have a common? >> i to sever some items >> okay for the adoption can you please call the adoption without reference to committee items first >> item 70-75 are considered for immediate adoption. any supervisor may require a resolution to go to committee >> supervisor peskin >> item 71, 72 and 75, please >> okay. supervisor avalos >> item 70 >> welcome i guess since we've already called 74 we might as well go through each item one by one. mdm. clerk please start with item 70 >> item 70, >>[reading code] >> supervisor avalos
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>> thank you. colleagues, along with supervisor eric mar is the chair of the bay area quality management district and debbie rafael, who is our director of the department of the environment, i serve on the air district. we have been working now for four years to look at caps on emissions at refineries, both toxic emissions and greenhouse gas emissions. we stepped up this effort ever since there was a richmond fire and august of 2012. that fire, as you may recall, send 15,000 people to local hospitals seeking medical care. in the fall of that year, the air district talked about putting caps were regulating emissions so we would not see increases in output of these refineries.. since that time, we also passed resolutions to set a limit output of greenhouse gas emissions at
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these refineries as well. looking both at climate change and environmental justice so climate justice and environmental justice is what this resolution is really about. the district has proposed three strategies other than setting numeric caps on these refinery. they propose an efficiency standard that would set a certain ratio to what the throughput of these refineries would be. so think recent throughput they could perhaps increase their emissions which doesn't necessarily set a cap. they've also looked at providing new technology that doesn't quite exist yet get best available retrofit technology that would limit emissions as well but that still is not quite available. and the looking limiting methane gases as well get methane at a short-term impact if were able to take out methane from the emissions. but numeric caps have not been put
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in place. there's been a labor and community effort that also involves workers at the refineries. cna involves scientists and communities from the bay area including committees of color, organizations like asian pacific environmental network. committees for better environment and many of the fence on committees around the bay area., the green sunbelt alliance and many many others proposing this numeric caps on omissions. here are 24 we been pushed back over and over and over again by staff of the air district were not imposing these measures that would have a huge impact on the air quality on committees especially close to the refineries were comes to toxic emissions so environmental justice issue and the whole
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entire planet as we seek to limit greenhouse gas output from these refineries so that we have climate justice component as well. colleagues can i would love to have your support on this measure and that we don't have to continue it. the refineries as we know have some of the worlds wealthiest corporations and we are representing here communities the bay area don't have a lot of money to fight these corporations. so what happened in 2014, chevron put forward millions of dollars to defeat committee members were seeking election at the city council in richmond and they lost. the people also in richmond california passed a similar resolution in past one here, too. thank you very much >> thank you supervisor avalos supervisor mar >> think you president breed. i think the coalition that jeb altman to mention and supervisor avalos just also. many years advancing key policy improvements but this is when the last pieces of efforts that many of our online communities
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from a pen for better environment and climate folks like and 350 bay area and the sunflower alliance. i want to say is that she of the bay area air quality management district that's a 51-year-old entity that's clean the air worked on environmental justice issues now challenge with climate protection and climate justice issues supervisor avalo important san francisco follow the lead richmond california emeryville and memory other jurisdictions looking at cutting greenhouse gases is a key part not only a sustainable future but also protecting the frontline communities from the many refineries that i think five-six from contra costa committee to solano county we have to regulate. it's an 8 million person bay area nine county 101 cities that we
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represent is the air district board could i want to say, it's 24 of us go back to boat on these issues. the staff are looked at nationally as amazing leaders but i note the push has to come from the grassroots environmental justice and environmental change community to really get the staff to take even more bold approaches. there some legal debates going on internally within our body as well but i support this resolution and supervisor avalos his leadership to push as strongly as possible to cap emissions from the refineries, cut greenhouse gases that san francisco and all bay area can be a model. one of the issues is likable of san francisco passing strong policies and the claim that other jurisdictions will continue in their greenhouse gas emissions, but i think that if san francisco supports this just transition approach that would set the conditions of safety for workers but also also the safety of online communities not only around the refineries
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but the real lines as well, if it's a just transition model like other regional areas can have a impact on the country as well. i'm supportive of the committee worker proposal and this ever to have it analyzed side-by-side with the other proposals. the danger of dirtier crude coming to all our communities is critical. i'm not sure supervisor avalos staff, we are going to take our walk looking at we find are these in the rodeo. two point richmond. it's called the refineries doing walk without oh no one of the more indigenous people organizations and it's going to be this coming saturday at 9:30 am leaving from rodeo, walking a believe it's 13 miles in some of the most polluted areas for
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low-income communities of color in the region and were walking for clean air soil, water and save jobs and help the environment and future generations for all of us. i thought supervisor avalos and the coalition and strongly support this as the bay area management district >> think you supervisor mar the matter item 70 please call the roll >> supervisor cohen aye farrell aye kim aye mar aye peskin aye tang aye weiner aye yee aye avalos aye breed aye campos aye and there are 11 aye spitted the resolution was adopted unanimously >>[gavel] speak please, call item 71 >> item 71, >>[reading code]
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>> supervisor peskin >> thank you mdm. pres. colleagues, homelessness has been an issue in the city and county and in this state and this nation for many decades as we have read in many publications last month and this month. it has been a remarkably back scene issue under many mayors in many boards of supervisors. we have all unanimously supported the chief executive mayor lee in creating a new department of homelessness to abolish the silos that exist between the permits and bring them all under one roof in i think a very difficult, very torturous experiments that i think we all want to succeed. i think that there is widespread agreement that the mayor selection of
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this new department, mr. jeff kosinski, who is here to my right, was the right selection am a beautiful picture there in sf magazine. mr. kaczynski, and he comes through a history that is known to us at the community housing partnership chp, an organization that is been on the ground floor of dealing with housing and homelessness at hamilton family center and now at this new nascent department. i know that we all share the desire that mr. kaczynski succeed. we all are under immense pressure to deal with the vexing issue of homelessness in our city and i think we are all all coming from a good place. it is also a political issue and i heed the admonition of pres. breed we have an imperative to reducing the number of measures on the
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ballot. i am asking all of us to take a pledge. it's a simple pledge. it is a pledge to let mr. kaczynski do his job. at least for a little while. i would like to be policy consistent on this. indeed, when supervisor campos, coming from a good place with good policy put forth navigation center legislation, i was one of the supervisors who said, hey, why don't you take a little time out. why don't we consult with a new director of the department? the process that we all go through both of two use of the ballot am i honor and respect that. sometimes it is about gamesmanship. it has been used to catalyze our preeminent duty , which is to pass legislation in these chambers, in this
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room. that is our number one duty. one goes to the ballot to raise a tax for only the voters can raise a tax. one goes to the ballot if one wants to change the charter for only the voters can change the charter. but ordiances of the job of this body to complete in these chambers. but i, too, have fallen victim to the game of competing ballot measures. i realize that i, albeit, i believe the policy set forward in the ballot measure that i introduced and work with community stakeholders on is laudable. i, too, have made the mistake of not consulting with our incoming new director. i, too, have made the mistake of undermining his success, and so
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i want us today to take a pledge. i have a mimics to this resolution because we are the oversight body. we are the legislative branch of mr. kaczynski needs some help and we need to legislate, we should do that in the future. i'm asking for a simple thing. can we, for one year-i would like to amend this simple two-page resolution iin two places in the first resolve, i like to insert, that for at least one year the board shall not approve additional laws or policies that will underfund or otherwise undermined the ability of the department of homelessness and supportive housing could alike to add, similar language in it in further resolved, the board pledges that for at least one year we not place ballot measures before the voters would further hamper the ability of the new director to succeed in his job. i
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understand that the politics of homelessness and indeed our budget legislative analyst has now shown us that 23 laws cost is $20 million a year in quality-of-life enforcement, but i want to hear from our director mr. kaczynski, what he thinks about these well intended measures and i want to be the first person to stand up and say that i have realized that this is not the proper place to do it. it's not the ballot in a want to be the first person to stand up and unilaterally say i have learned from my mistake and i'm withdrawing the ballot measure that is has been submitted to the voters. i do not believe it should go before the voters. i believe we should deal with kim and legislation in these chambers and with that, mr. kaczynski, i would like you are advice, your counsel, and your
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wisdom relative to the measures that have been proposed by members of this body for the voters to vote for, november >> excuse me mr. peskin, before supervisor and testing before move on to mr. kaczynski, -if i butcher-before move on to mr. jeff, and so i can pronounce his last name, you said for one year but there it isn't an election next year and 27, so what is the point? >> actually, that's a good point mdm. pres. as to the first result, that would be a year and if there's no election or special election in 2017, you are right, under the operation of law there is no election scheduled until june of 2018. but, i would just as a
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symbolic matter, like to take a pledge that for one year we will let the incoming director succeed and not interfere, unless he wants legislation from this body in which case what is all unanimously give him the tools that he needs and deserves. >> so, you are saying in addition to all the homeless stuff that probably needs to come off the ballot there's also other measures that we should be looking at to remove so we don't have a lengthy ballot that most people will probably just- >> that is not the issue before us. we are in agreement on that. >> okay. i just thought i'd throw that in there. mr. jeff, until i can pronounce your last name. >> thank you pres. breed and thank you supervisor peskin. for that for your words of confidence. as to your question about the various measures that are on the ballot, as a few things i'd like to say. first of all, if the voters were the
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mayor or the board of supervisors direct the new department to address tens or encampments in a specific manner was only do our best to comply with whatever ballot measure worth ordinance that is passed. in the meantime, were focused on building a department's mission is to prevent and end homelessness for his many people as possible, and i do strongly believe the more flexibility we have the greater opportunity for success. however, i don't care to comment on any proposed ballot measures or ordiances and one of the things you offered to do to help these two actually not draw me into political conversations about policy related issue. i've known all 11 of you for quite some time and respect all of you deeply. i believe again that the more flexibility that our department has the greater the opportunity were going to be successful in the politicizing the issue of
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homelessness is going to make it more difficult. i do feel that it's critical the board of supervisors focus on improving the sales tax that would generate $50 million a year to address homelessness. the city, the narrative i often hear is the city spends nearly quarter of $1 billion trying to address homelessness and we have not been very successful at it. i strongly disagree with that narrative. the city currently spends less than 3% of its budget on the number one problem facing our community. we have been relatively successful but we been successful in many different areas could however, without more revenue available to address the problem, without further investments, were not going to be able to have the impact that i think most san franciscans want to see. >> okay. supervisor peskin is
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there anything else? >> mdm. pres., i just want to read one paragraph out of this article from san francisco magazine inner reads as follows: to succeed kaczynski will need a lot of help. from his new 109 employee work force ubs to blend together harmoniously from constellation city permits only to set aside their territorial majors and operate collectively and from a battalion of politically influential nonprofit organizations that we mandated to prove their efficacy to quantifiable data. he'll have to do all this while coping with shrinking state and federal funding, soaring housing costs, and your constant second-guessing and politicking by the city's perpetually warring tribes. the mayor's office, the board of supervisors, labor unions, homeless advocates neighborhood groups and god knows who else. the great
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by joel eskenazi in the san francisco magazine that's on the stands right now. let this warring tribal not get in mr. kaczynski's way. >> okay. supervisor peskin, supervisor weiner >> thank you very much. the only pledge i'm going to take today has to do with pokémon and you got supervisor [inaudible] what that has to do if you're confused. seriously, i -we all have responsibilities and powers as legislators to introduce and pass legislation to vote to place matters on the ballot, to please matters as supervisors or as one mayor, and there's many members of this body both now and 10-15 years ago, who exercise that authority based on their
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prerogative as elected officials as representatives of the people. i understand there are people who want the tenant measures to be him about or not to be on the ballot. i have to do think that what's most important is that we pass a sales tax and generate $50 million a year for prominent exit from homelessness to. so i will break my pokémon role as a him pledging i'm going to sport that $50 million a year to actually get most people off the streets and to housing. but, for us to basically abdicate our legislative responsibility to exercise judgment on the situation by situation basis for a year and to adopt a big resolution that says we can't interfere with that apartment, that is certainly in the eye of the beholder in terms of what undermines or doesn't undermine the departments. and to agree
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to that, in this very very vague way, it does this resolution does have a reference to the bla report talk about so-called quality-of-life enforcement. so, think is releasing insinuates our police department should not be enforced and all. i don't agree with that. i think the law should be enforced only to work very hard to get people off the streets and into housing. because the situation on our streets is completely unacceptable. both deteriorated on the streets and surrounding neighborhoods. i don't think this resolution is the way to go. i don't think it's productive and mdm. pres., i would request this be sent to committee >> thank you. supervisor avalos >> thank you madame president. i want to thank >> point of order. i requested to be sent to committee. >> okay. but there are other
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people want to speak, two. so we can send it to committee, for sure and then we can continue the dialogue >> i don't think we want to close debate >> supervisor weiner >> i don't have a problem with anyone saying what they need to say but under the-i just want make sure he doesn't leave my prerogative since i made that request >> yes, thank you supervisor avalos >> it was heard loud and clear. >> supervisor avalos, i've got this. go ahead. >> thank you very much. i'm ready to go. i want to welcome jeff kaczynski to our new department of homelessness and the board of supportive housing. to me, it was a really really great decision to bring him in. it was one that actually was a decision that i really believe that united us and how we could combat this intractable issue that affects
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everyone in the city and affects most of all people who are homeless and living on our streets. before mr. kaczynski was appointed into his position i was looking at the encampment issue could i introduce something, request for legislation to be drafted. i got the idea from working with the coalition on homelessness what worked with for 20 years here in san francisco before i was on the board in collaboration with them and i realize that what they had given me was the structure of legislation but not exactly what i was expecting to be putting through into introduction. then, when actually, when i introduced as i said i was can do it in legislation and there was alarm
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i recall talking to ms. wheaton and she seemed really alarmed about this going forward could i said, look, i'm trying to do this collaboratively. i'm trying to make sure when i try to politicize this issue with israel concerns about how we do we moving cameras and people from examines into housing and we can do it much more humanely than we have done as a city could i do not say the mayor had done it in an inhumane way earlier this spring when introduced in and when mr. kaczynski was appointed, i actually said you know what, i'm glad to make sure he has [inaudible] amana make sure we bring them together with the coalition on homelessness. not going to ram this through to try and politicize this issue. we need to actually come together to figure out how were going to resolve this issue and not politicize it. so, i gave him time. i actually told him i'm not going to moving this forward. i don't want to like pollute the water rainout as we
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[inaudible] that we need to move people from homelessness into housing. i actually was supportive of a measure to do that. prior to actual been supportive of the measure that is going to go to the ballot, and i hope it does, i have been every year asking the board to commit more funds for supportive housing. every year of income for with the idea of actually suspending what we deposited into her budget stabilization reserve so we could ask for more money to go to housing. every year i get rejected by the board. so, there's lots of different ways that we could actually use our money to meet a crisis we've chosen not to do. instead the more looking at going to the ballot to move four. i'm serious reservations about how we put forward wedge issue ballot measures that do nothing more
10:38 pm
than give the appearance that we are doing something about homelessness by increasing police action, when that police action is already occurring and everything on the book says that in cameras do not belong on our sidewalks. so, up until these measures were submitted on the last day to summit with four signatures, we were doing really good as a city. we have actually shifted from that divisive weight we talked about homelessness 21 were being collaborative. actually working together good that was all thrown away and people people on this board largely looked at [inaudible] uniter around this issue suddenly lost that reputation. but we can have it back. it's up to the people of san francisco that we bring back
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a collaborative support for the people are most marginalized. for the people of severed so much abuse in their lives to be on our streets, to the people who have no place to live. it just stuns me that after all this work that we've done to cooperate together that we put this measure at the very last hour the department of elections to get some kind of advantage out of the november election. well, shame on us for doing that. we all can work together to drop our measures and move forward and give mr. kaczynski what he needs to work out his incredible task. he needs all of us to support him in that. the best thing we can do is take the polar clauses issued out of the november ballot that were together approving money for his budget. >> thank you supervisor avalos. supervisor mar >> thank you. let me try to be
10:40 pm
brief. i think it's refreshing to have a social worker like supervisor avalos on this board winner stan systems and how we have a choice between public health and housing first approach to addressing the root causes of homelessness and homeless peoples struggles versus a dehumanizing heavily law-enforcement approach that focuses matrix like from the giuliani gaze to earlier days, san francisco as cracking down and pushing people out without addressing the root causes were their needs. i did want to say, mention social workers because our items are former mayor was a social worker and with bob prentice and paul bowden from the coalition of homelessness about the beyond shelters plan and other efforts that we build off of to the new office. i totally support this resolution and would pledge not to place any ballot measures that contradict the approach our
10:41 pm
city a new office of homelessness and supportive housing is taking, and i think this is appropriate type of resolution though we should be supporting. the big debate of approaches and ballot measures to me is important, but i choose the social work side that addresses what causes and people's needs and not the crackdown approach, matrix like approach the thing is coming forward from others on this body and forces in our community am supportive of this but i know it will go to committee for further discussion. >> thank you supervisor mar. supervisor farrell >> thank you president breed. but so i appreciate her visor peskin's intent here with these minutes. the original resolution itself as well. of course, like supervisor peskin's ballot measure, i know the idea of this pledge as looking from advocates were running the halls here today.
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you know, no one in this chamber has a monopoly on ideas in terms of what is right and wrong. we all obviously have a deberry different set of opinions on a variety of issues and i think that's held. >> applets came from a >> supervisor peskin you are out of order >> i also think it's very easy supervisor peskin's obvious choice to withdraw his measure. quite friendly come i think it's quite easy when the measure in my opinion full of flaws and would've created and exacerbated issue round tent in cameras in san francisco attic onto the ballot. or let alone been passed. from my perspective, these pledges are these arguments whether during campaign settings were done in the board chambers they don't mean a thing. they're done by at times when people want to distract from the issue at hand. i believe that we have a duty
10:43 pm
to push forth policies that we believe in here at the board of supervisors. a supervisor weiner mention, i do not feel comfortable and will not abdicate my responsibilities as a supervisor push for policies whether the board chambers were at the ballot that believe are important for the city of san francisco. given we have three piece of legislation around tent encampment immodestly there's a disparity in terms of the different ideas on how to handle this situation. inherently, because were putting forward yesterday with legislation on this issue this becomes political. bonus polarizes and it unnecessary. this is an issue because it dealt with through legislation that anybody would characterize as politics. i don't think we should shy away from that. you know, from a policy perspective, and i don't want to debate my colleagues-we can do it today if you like-about questioning police states were matrix like approach. you come i think the discussion by friendly about mayor agnes and applauding his efforts around what was camp agnes here in san
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francisco just highlights the fact i don't think it appropriate for my perspective policy is can get to the board of supervisors. i will say this, though. this entire discussion is around one part of homelessness and what we are doing, what people are doing at this board is losing say we need to focus on homelessness as all. in cameras are a portion of it. they do with homeless individuals in it in cameras but it's a portion of a larger issue and i'll be honest with maybe sick over last few weeks as i originally introduced by measure from a policy perspective and for policy reasons, has been the response has been nothing but 100% political. questioning motives. attacking motives. wedge issue. that's not why we do it we do this from a policy perspective. i appreciate at this time in this issue, my
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colleagues, some colleagues, think a collaborative approach is best. i welcome collaborative approaches. but i think the status quo in our streets is okay. i do believe we need to legislate. i do believe we need to work collaboratively. i will also say, there was no one more happy than i was that jeff kaczynski was named director of this department. i've had good fortune of working with jeff for number of years on issues certainly budget year around other issues on homelessness. i believe he is a great leader with hamilton outside of city hall. i believe he'll be a great leader inside city hall. but that does not mean we should shirk our duty zero the board of supervisors not have an opinion about items. again, i will copy to save my further comments but i will not be supporting these amendment to come up for to the board of supervisors having pledges are a gimmick. i simply a bad idea
10:46 pm
to look for to the further discussion, but i think what we cannot do what also made me sick a discussion around paperwork to threaten funding for homeless housing because they don't like a tent encampment measure. that is swapping apples for oranges. you talk about plain gimmicks the most vulnerable here in the city of san francisco. threatening to take away over $1 billion of funding over the next 25 years for homeless population that is fully in support of them because they don't like a single measure coming from some people on the board of supervisors. it's wholly responsible and i think actually needs to be called the mat and can stand for that here at the board of supervisors. the city of san francisco and residents of our city should not stand for that as well. >> thank you supervisor farrell . supervisor peskin >> thank you mdm. pres. so, i rise to do three things. one is to set the record straight that is that whether one considers it to be a gimmick or not, this was not a function of any
10:47 pm
advocate individual or organization. whether one likes it or not this was an idea i had that was my idea, which would you like it or not was my idea. thing number two, something i just earlier actually, the chronicle editorialized about. that is, we don't need to go to the ballot if we can legislate something here. we have shown today, relative to the affordable housing density program we can do our jobs in these chambers. you only need to go to the ballot to change the charter, or raise a tax. the ballot can legitimately be used as the court of last resort, where if something fails in these chambers, or the
10:48 pm
mayor vetoes something that came from these chambers, we can go to the electorate. but, first, let us succeed or fail here in collaboration with one another, in collaboration with advocates, with experts, with the new department head, with the administration. i don't think that is too much to ask it i don't think that is a gimmick, but i rise to a supervisor weiner will let me, to introduce formally and move the to amendment. the first one at line 5 in the first resolve, resolve that the board of supervisors pledges-insert that for at least one year it shall not remove the word, two, and
10:49 pm
in the second-the first further result in line 9, further dissolve the board of supervisors insert, for at least one year, not place ballot measures before the voters. i would like to make that amendment before this is sent off to committee. >> okay. supervisor weiner, with that be okay spewing okay. so, with that, is there a second? seconded by supervisor avalos collies can we take the medics without objection? without objection the amendment passes >>[gavel] >> anything else supervisor peskin? thank you. supervisor avalos >> i will go after supervisor weiner >> supervisor wiener >> thank you. i agree with supervisor peskin if there's a way to do things in city hall and not go to the ballot, that's a good thing and we have seen that already in action and
10:50 pm
one hopes there'll be more of that around various issues that are slated to go to the bout but we can pull back. we have another i think three weeks to try to figure things out and either can or we can't. we should do that exactly the same way that happened with affordable housing density bonus with our conversations and resolution was reached. that's not to say a resolution will always be reached but you can take a run at it. that's how we should do it rather than passing some date resolution to say were going to constrain ourselves going to the ballot, even if the board of supervisors in no way waxy passage or anything like. so, this is not the best way to do. i understand the supervisor peskin introduced it. it definitely, it's always
10:51 pm
important to have these discussions about what goes on about and what doesn't go on the ballot and of course we all want this new department to succeed. i know were all going to work very hard to make sure it succeeds. >> thank you supervisor weiner. supervisor avalos >> thanks. it's really funny to have a rhetorical whoop deludes people are making it would talk about collaboration or not collaboration. we have been collaborating up until we start to get divisive on these measures four. i rarely actually agree with--well maybe have the time i might agree with the beginning of the chronicle. the chronicle sane were abdicating a responsible. that's exactly what we did do. we've been collaborating up until the moment we put these measures forward there were certainly abdicating our responsibility because we've all the ability to everything we were on the track to do to work with a kaczynski to work with the community to work with each other to work with the mayor's office to actually deal
10:52 pm
with encampment. i was pulling my measures back. instead what we have is lexington county will. sanctimony is the subject of last refuge of scoundrels. not sanctimony that software to fix our streets. so this talk about threatening funding, were threatening funding by putting forward a matrix style program that we know is not going to work. why is new business will pump put old ways in place. we were doing really well up until we started to think of we can actually gain an advantage at the ballot when we could've actually resolve things you're the board of supervisors did let's roll the dice and see what happens. >> okay. seeing no other names on the roster, we will send this item to committee as amended. >>[gavel] >> mdm. clerk please call item number 72 >> item 72, >>[reading code]. >> supervisor peskin
10:53 pm
>> thank you >> please, rise >> thank you mdm. pres. i have amendment are handed out to all of you that i would like to adopt and continue this item one week. it is my desire to do two things. one is to level the playing field between pnc and traditional taxi companies and the other is to recognize supervisor kim's 2014 and fair chance ordinance. they amendment attempt to do that. like the community and all of you colleagues have some time to digest those. so, i like to move those amendment and continue that item one week >> supervisor peskin, i'm sorry i don't have a copy of the amendment.
10:54 pm
>> did i not give you a copy? john, if i can hand you-i'm happy to walk you through the amendment >> yes >> throughout reference to live scan has been deleted. reference to the sf fair chance ordinance has been included, which prevents consideration a prior conviction history pertaining to any of the following arrest not leading to conviction, participation in diversion or deferred judgment programs, expunged convictions juvenile convictions convictions more than seven years old, criminal offenses other than tony's or misdemeanors, convictions that have no bearing on the person's ability to perform the duties of the job in question. so, those are subject of it but i think we make those amendment about the community to digest
10:55 pm
those, i think it gets to the point that we heard from speakers at public comment that they raise. >> thank you supervisor peskin for your proposed amendment. supervisor peskin has made a motion to amend. is there a second? moved and seconded. collies can we take this amendment without objection? without objection don't passes unanimously >>[gavel] >> supervisor cohen >> thank you. i want to inject my voice. supervisor peskin think the continuing this item. i think the resolution reflected comments did i do also think it's important we after the recall history and also help jane kim as the 2014 winter legislation it i realize you are not here. >> there were earlier iterations was here for. >> that student may been earlier iterations were talking bout 2014, beatty and supervisor kim and i did that with you with incredible
10:56 pm
coalition. was a beautiful momentous moment and important that our citywide legislation be consistent with a resolution that you're putting forward. when i first read it i was not in a position to support it because is very concerned that poor people and particular people of color would be often at the bottom would be excluded wrongfully. so, i'm grateful to see these men. i think we are going in the right direction and i'm also grateful that was participation in the conversation this evening >> thank you. i just want to thank supervisor cohen and supervisor kim for their leadership on van the box. i was here during that time and happy to support it. grateful because we are now seeing the impact of that legislation take on an opportunity to make sure folks in our city who need a second chance have a second chance and an opportunity to be decent paying job to get the housing they need or in particular, muni just talked about how they been able to hire
10:57 pm
a number of drivers who have made mistakes in the past, but are now driving for muni because their lives have changed i think that's what this is all about and grab we are not going backwards with this legislation and with these changes. i think it will help us to move forward in the right direction it so thank you supervisor peskin for taking that into consideration. with that, i would asking for continuance? >> yes, please >> supervisor peskin has made a motion to continue to the meeting of july 1926 in. is there a second? moved and seconded. collies, take this without objection? without objection this item as amended we continued to the meeting of july 19, 2016 >>[gavel] >> all right. moving right along, mdm. clerk, you called item 74. please call 73 >> item 73, >>[reading code] >> can we take this item same
10:58 pm
house, same call? without objection resolution is adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> can we take item 74 same house, same call without objection adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> mdm. clerk please call item 75 >> item 75, >>[reading code] >> supervisor peskin >> thank you mdm. pres. not to be a rate my earlier comments but this is a matter that i believe can be solved in these chambers, the land use had a very productive hearing on
10:59 pm
accessory dwelling unit legislation and took a number of amendment and forwarded that item to the full board for consideration on the 19th. i spoken with supervisor farrell, who is both a legislative version here in the chambers, as well is a measure that four of you have put tentatively put, on the november ballot. i will endeavor to work with supervisor farrell in the coming week to see we can conform are two pieces of legislation and hopefully, we will do our job and get this legislation for which there is widespread support but a handful of differences, as in these changes next tuesday and with that, i believe that item 75 is no longer necessary and i like to make a motion to table it >> supervisor peskin has made a motion to table. moved and seconded. colleagues, can we take this without objection? without objection this item will be tabled >>[gavel] >> all right. let's go to our close session. i just-we have taken public comment during our
11:00 pm
general public comment already sold public comment has been taken on this particular close session. public comment is closed >>[gavel] >> mdm. clerk can you please read item number 68 >> yes mdm. pres. given the approval of item 74 was made the board of supervisors has agreed to convene today july 12 in close session pursuant to the california government code section 54956.98 and the san francisco administrative code section 67.10 d-one for the purpose of conferring the seed device from the city attorney regarding existing litigation relating to the lawsuit filed on march 14, 2013 in san francisco superior court entitled, david seles versus
11:01 pm
city of san francisco which the city is defendant >> okay. if a motion to go into closed session? moved by supervisor campos. seconded by -nobody's excited about going into closed session? second by supervisor farrell. >> we are now back in open session. san francisco board of supervisors. colleagues, is there a motion not to disclose what was discussed in closed session? moved and seconded. collies, can we take that without objection? the without we will not disclose what was discussed in closed session. >>[gavel] >> mdm. clerk please call item 69 >> item 69, >>[reading code] >> supervisor campos
11:02 pm
>> i think this could be a sign of a new realignment the board of supervisors as a make a motion to continue item 69 for one week >> supervisor campos has made a motion to continue item 69 for one week to the meeting of july 19 2016. moved and seconded. thank you supervisor campos good i just want to let you know that i will not be supporting the motion to continue. i am prepared to move forward and take the recommendation of our deputy city attorney and reject this particular item. but with that, i will seeing no other names on the rogers roster mdm. clerk on
11:03 pm
items 629, the motion to continue please call the roll >> before doing so mdm. pres., i would just take no action was taken in the closed session, number one and pursue provides a campos motion to continue the 3 second? >> there was a second by supervisor weiner >> thank you much on a motion, supervisor cohen aye farrell aye kim nay mar aye peskin nay tang nay weiner aye yee nay avalos aye breed nay, campos aye. there six aye and five nay. >> what did you say there were
11:04 pm
mdm. clerk >> six pim five nay >> oh, man. the motion to continue passes. >>[gavel] >> mdm. clerk, can we, please read the in memoriam >> today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the following 11 individuals. on behalf of supervisor peskin for the late this to cliff walk. on behalf of pres. breed the late dorothy terry whitfield the young pilot: and mr. fred m cook >> all right. collies, that brings us to the end of our agenda. is there any other business before us today >> mdm. pres. that concludes our business for today >> okay. thank you ladies and gentlemen. have a great day. we are adjourned. >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >>
11:05 pm
11:06 pm
>> gm and welcome to the san francisco transportation authority i'm scott wiener the chair of the authority board not the vision zero i think accidently flashed but the full transportation authority board mr. clerk commissioner avalos commissioner breed commissioner campos commissioner cohen absent commissioner farrell absent commissioner kim commissioner eric mar absent commissioner peskin commissioner tang absent commissioner lee commissioner yee we have quorum thank you very much item 2. >> item 2 enforce the
11:07 pm
transportation an information slash action item colleagues before us the expenditure plan relate to the half cents state tax at the board of supervisors as you may know we have two different sales tax pending a half cents dedicate to transportation and three quarters cents with a separate charter amendment dedicating funds to transportation also to homeless services and we're here today to discuss the three quarters dedicated half cents tax measure a presentation from staff i see that it commissioner avalos is on the roster so commissioner avalos. >> thank you i'm not sure if staff is presenting their presenting great pr. >> so want to say we have this chair chair wiener two measures
11:08 pm
one of them going to the ballot one that has been introduced by the mayor as the board of supervisors is one half sales tax combined with twaerts sales tax for homeless services this measure is a tax dedicated state of the art half cents sales tax under the jurisdiction of transportation authority with the other measures under the variance jurisdiction that was put-down forward and been in the works for many, many years and all aligned with the city's effort that has stepped up in recent years to make real investments in transportation we have approved a whole bunch of resolutions supporting new buses and have something here at the board of supervisors and whole
11:09 pm
planning effort around investments and deferred maintenance we've not done in many, many years decades perhaps with the rediversion around the transportation a collaborative efforts amongst the board and ta the mayor's office so a lot of credit to go around but we want to make sure something to go forward to give us a chance we're not able to moved on the transportation homeless tax measure this will go forward and we actually are amendments here that have before made to this measure to anywhere the structure of the transportation side of the half cents or the three quarters cent state tax we'll be presenting here today and i'll let staff go through that and lastly my office has been engaged with many people in the transit field especially
11:10 pm
around transit equity and justice working with the mta as well as to create an equity framework how the mta makes decisions on how they serve different neighborhoods and capital is invests in san bruno neighborhoods to make sure that neighborhoods that have traditionally fallen behind on capital investments and the planning for - that's been part of any effort and making sure those two measures can be meaningful to all of san francisco so we'll go to staffs presentation. >> thank you commissioner avalos it's been a pleasure to collaborate with you two ochz working closely for months on the expenditure plan for transportation with our advocates and the mayor's office
11:11 pm
and mta and transportation authority staff and dpw and it's been a broad based collaborative effort with a strong expenditure plan come out of it and i agree the goal to move forward the general sales tax and charter amendment but keeping the three quarters dental expenditure tax measure viable in the event the sales tax don't move forward we'll have a back up it is good we're keeping the various options allowing i'll ask the staff to presents on the expenditure plan. >> thank you chair wiener this will be a shorter presentation to the slides i'll focus on the public engagement over the past since two months the input that was represented and how the input is reflected in the
11:12 pm
changes as commissioner avalos said we want to see introduced to the transportation sales tax measure. >> so for that benefit of those watching only one set of ballot a dental expenditure plans that has 6 different programs i'll go through briefly in a hundred mental illness a year with the voters approval i want to say no requirements that the ta board endorse the sales tax it is listed as an information action item, however, tomorrow is probably the last chance to introduce the amendments to the expenditure plan that the budget committee. >> we're planning to introduce at the budget committee tomorrow to conform the expenditure plan so they'll be identical. >> thank you
11:13 pm
so here's the 6 categories under the first categories is allocated to the mta to administrator with the category of public works to transportation authority administering the other 3 and the same categories in the state tax but the ta will administer the programs this is over last time quick highlights and a shout out to the office of supervisor wiener and commissioner avalos our communication staff have done a tremendous amount of work and alone 12 public meetings within ta and the board of supervisors on the expenditure plans dozens of meeting with key stakeholders and many one-on-one meeting and held a town hall on june 29th that was really short notice we feel that 80 plus paternities
11:14 pm
were in english and mandrin and spanish and ongoing conversations with the technical group that has the property owners with the agency so this is what we heard in 3 categories here on the screen and the first are input you'll likely here with any revenue measure raising taxed is a big deal no matter what the comments around questions about do we need nor revenues on the other hand, other folks recognizing yes revenues particularly local revenue and there was concern not money to do everything we want to do and many people raised concerns about the ballot could be crowded and confusing and makes things difficult to patios i know that chair wiener in piss capacity as mtc
11:15 pm
commissioner at the committee where the committee took actions of support for a whole bunch of transportation measures headed to the ballot one half sales tax if sacking county and contra costa and the park bond and a canopy of bonds measures that included both transportation and housing so a lot of stuff moving forward the second group of comments which were echo by the cacs the vice chair is here can give input a lot of comments about the progressive i don't like the source or how to address that issue similarly a lot of input as asking for more funding for equity and affordability that makes our streets safer for everyone cyclists and
11:16 pm
pedestrians and support for and content why we are are needing a local sales tax to fund the transit and transparency and affordability a show how revenues will go to programs their intent and spent on the right thing. >> so the changes i've cop chair wieners summarizes from the board of supervisors committee the changes that were made are highlighted on the page and most significant ones all those addressing the issues of equity and affordability and sales tax there will be in order here one is there was a slight increase in the revenue forecast for the sales tax that was reflected on the charter amendment in the transportation sales tax that increased the funding between the muni and the affordable to
11:17 pm
the category amongst things and the save and complete streets category it is slightly changing the percentage in table one in your packet a trigger before that allowed bad budget years the mta to convert up to 25 percent of the capital funding for the infrastructure category that cap has been removed the mta can flex up to 100 percent and the last significant change were not to the allocation which has the largest category under certain conditions the board of supervisors with the mayors approval can reallocate to those funds to the other categories two of the triggers has to do with securing other funds for the street where a vehicle license fee in this case, the
11:18 pm
funds are redirected to the other 5 categories the last typewriter trigger it in year 10 with the three quarters of supervisors and the mayor can say there's a reason to take the fund and redirect those to the the categories and last but not least i've mentioned the transparent and affordability input that you saw in the charter amendment with of much more brief adding details and adding requirements at the controller's office conducted periodic audit and others changes in the packet in attachment 3 commissioner avalos said mirrors the changes in the charter keeping it to the parallel of the technical cleans up and typos particular to the transportation sales tax that are in there this is the assault of increasing the revenue forecast
11:19 pm
and splitting the new money towards the transit and affordability and i'm sorry vision zero categories the new percentages reached categories and as i mentioned the 3 triggers in all cases the relocation of the distribution for streets it the same i think that is on the screen the thirty is for affordability and 10 percent to regional tript transit and we'll note you'll see triggers are one time triggers not reversed and lastly a slide for tomorrow's budget and finance whether the changes will be introduced and keep your eye on the times change and i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> and as i mentioned the cac vice chair will report on the cac special meeting they
11:20 pm
considered the same item. >> by way of thank sfgovtv charles kremack and nona melkonian for broadcaster today's hearing to commissioner avalos. >> thank you wanted to thank the transportation authority staff for your work and represents an ambitious plan a couple months ago strechd and want to thank for their effort to make this happen and want to acknowledge that we have many, many stakeholders come together on the expenditure plan and we gave a little bit to make sure that we can have the agreement we were able to increase the level of service of the expenditure for transit service and affordability that was a key ask for the transit equity people and especially to be able
11:21 pm
to have flexibility in our budget to continue with free muni for youth and seniors and people with disabilities and there are other places we gave and took. >> and the service has come down as well as to accommodate those convicts all these around the mayor's office to members of the board and different agencies to bring this into a more unified expenditure plan and the mayor's expenditures plan for the other tax amendments and charter before us next week. >> thank you commissioner avalos. >> okay. at this point i'd like to ask peter the vice chair of the transportation authority cac to briefly report out. >> good morning, commissioners i'm peter section 8 the vice chair the transportation authority citizens advisory committee we'll have 4 meetings
11:22 pm
we've discussed the expenditure plan and a number of things have come out of that first a broad support for what this plan turned is it so important we continue to invest in were long run like the subway whatever that project, the m line subways it is conceptual but those are long term and see the expenditure plan to move forward by funding design and research and promoting community involvement also things like caltrain and downtown extension potential peninsula car sharing and value the effort to include the affordability for transit in the expenditure plan with that said, there are a variety of concerns that all of the members of the cac have expressed 2, 3, 4 one way they are concerned about the
11:23 pm
regressing nature of the sales tax given that whether whether or not voters are paying prop b and prop a sales tax and putting one on top of that raise the concerns of equity and the best way to do that a couple of people times up e us to see payroll tax and not feasible but in the long run prop 13 and had concerns the ballot box budgeting and particularly with the charter amendment it is confusing the voters why homeless and transportation are bundled together not to discount the importance but is it possible that option to one of those may jeopardize the other and one of the things as
11:24 pm
recommend last night amending the trigger that allows muni to flex it's capital fund to operation this not recognizing the tensions to shift the money but compulsory nature is the language it shall transfer all portion of the funds kind of puts muni's planner in a bind they must raid the capital fund we recognized back to say something like the agency may transfer up to 50 percent of capital funds the intent to free up some of the money for the coordination but not depleting that the unmet capital funding is really large so anything we take out of out of that if a bad year without a mechanism to
11:25 pm
restore to the future as i said we recommended approving that amendment, however, unable to remedy the overall expenditure plan because of the opposition of the members the cac great. >> thank you and thank you for your work. >> sure. >> okay. at this point commissioner avalos. >> yes. thank you and just one of the reasons there was a push for affordability was because of that concern about the sales tax and we want to be able to offset 3 with something that gives people a sense we'll be more affordable so stabilizing the rates and having free muni for youth and seniors. >> thank you okay. at this point, we'll open up for public comment comment on this item? 2. >> seeing none, public comment is closed.
11:26 pm
and this is an information slash action item we don't have to take action but could a endorse the expenditure plan so i don't know if someone wants to make a motion. >> i've spoken too much this morning no i'll make a motion to approve the expenditure plan for this sales tax. >> okay. is there a second to that seconded by supervisor kim and mr. clerk this is our first vote call the roll. >> on the motion to endorse the proposed transportation expenditure. >> commissioner avalos commissioner breed commissioner campos commissioner cohen commissioner farrell absent commissioner kim commissioner eric mar absent commissioner peskin
11:27 pm
obtain stain and commissioner tang commissioner lee and commissioner yee that is 8 i's and on abstain that motion carries. >> thank you item 3. >> item 3 introduction of new items. >> colleagues, any introductions commissioner avalos is up from before. >> that was from before seeing none, any public comment on introduction of new items seeing none, public comment is closed. this is an information item number 4. >> general public comment. >> any general public comment. >> actually wait if there is any general public comment wait until i complete that statement. >> hello commissioners truly the truth of happiness with the entering collaboration for self-nature once- in accomplishing good works and-
11:28 pm
would be the holy truth for the people and while the political leaders should easy off the schedule and performance more holy works once with the position to a hair level of which i shouldn't of pure happens of holy studies are for true success as well as for former public official works one didn't perform the holy mission of world vascular custodial for all patience and great ham i didn't one is the stay of excellency a nation of kilogram in sight awhile outline patience are accomplished the work
11:29 pm
without bias a vascular custodial is good deeds of a big obviously for the mission and the force of council we must work together to make it to the vitally step to good beyond the global warming and areas in landing on the holy kingdom amen. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. item number 4. >> excuse me - item 5 and adjournment. >> we're adjourned
11:30 pm
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11:33 pm
(clapping.) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i think we have more companies anywhere in the united states it's at the amazing statement we're not trying to be flashy or
11:34 pm
shocking just trying to create something new and original were >> one of the things about the conduct our you enter and turn your your back and just so the orchestra. the most contrary composer of this time if you accountability his music you would think he's a camera come important he become ill and it was crazy he at the end of his life and pushed the boundary to think we're not acceptable at this point for sure it had a great influence he was a great influence on the harmonic language on the contemporary up to now. i thought it would be interesting because they have e
11:35 pm
he was contemporary we use him on this and his life was you kill our wife you get poisons all those things are great stories for on opera. i was leaving behind a little bit which those collaborative dancers i was really trying to focus on opera. a friend of mine said well, what would you really want to do i said opera what is it not opera parallel. why isn't it are that i have the support now we can do that. i realized that was something that wasn't being done in san francisco no other organization
11:36 pm
was doing this as opposed to contemporary we are very blessed in san francisco to have organizations well, i thought that was going to be our speciality >> you create a conceptual idea for setting the opera and you spear ahead and work with the other sdierndz to create an overview vision that's the final product felt opera. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i was very inspired to work with him because the way he looked at the key is the way i looked at sports looking at the daily. >> so much our mandate is to try to enter disis particular
11:37 pm
work there's great dancers and theatre actresses and choirs we've worked with and great video artists is a great place to collect and collaborate. i had a model they have a professionally music yes, ma'am assemble and as a student i benefited from being around this professional on and on soccer ball and as a conductor i'd be able to work with them and it's helped my growth i had a dream of having a professional residential on and on soccer ball to be an imperial >> it operates as a laboratory we germ a national the ideas technically and work with activity artists and designers and video all over the on any
11:38 pm
given project to further the way we tell stories to improve our ability to tell stories on stage. that's part of the opera lab >> i was to investigate that aspect of renaissance and new work so that's why this piece it is important it was a renaissance composer. >> there were young people that are not interested in seeing traditional opera and like the quality and it's different it has a story telling quality every little detail is integrated and helps to capture the imagination and that's part of the opera how we can use
11:39 pm
those colors into the language of today. >> so one of the great things of the stories of opera and story combined with opera music it allows people to let go and be entertained and enjoy the music instead of putting on headphones. >> that's what is great about art sometimes everyone loves it because you have to, you know, really great you have to have both some people don't like it and some people do we're concerned about that. >> it's about thirty something out there that's risky. you know, disliked by someone torn apart and that's the whole point of what we're drying to do
11:40 pm
>> you never take this for granted you make sure it is the best if you can. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> the office of controllers
11:53 pm
whistle blower program is how city employees and recipient sound the alarm an fraud address wait in city government charitable complaints results in investigation that improves the efficiency of city government that. >> you can below the what if anything, by assess though the club program website arrest call 4147 or 311 and stating you wishing to file and complaint point controller's office the charitable program also accepts complaints by e-mail or 0 folk you can file a complaint or provide contact information seen by whistle blower investigates some examples of issues to be recorded to the whistle blower program face of misuse of city
11:54 pm
government money equipment supplies or materials exposure activities by city clez deficiencies the quality and delivery of city government services waste and inefficient government practices when you submit a complaint to the charitable online complaint form you'll receive a unique tracking number that inturgz to detector or determine in investigators need additional information by law the city employee that provide information to the whistle blower program are protected and an employer may not retaliate against an employee that is a whistle blower any employee that retaliates against another that employee is subjected up to including submittal employees that retaliate will personal be liable please visit
11:55 pm
the sf and information on reporting retaliation that when fraud is loudly to continue it jeopardizes the level of service that city government can provide in you hear or see any dishelicopter behavior boy an employee please report it to say whistle blower program more information and the whistle blower protections please seek www.
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12:00 am
>> good afternoon. welcome to the planning commission regular hearing for thursday, july 7, 2016, i'd like to remind the members of the audience that the commission does not tolerate disruptions of any kind. proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. i'd like to call roll at this time. commissioner vice president richards commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore and commissioner wu we expect commissioner president fong to be absent and commissioner johnson to arrive shortly commissioners commissioners, the first item on your agenda is propd